Across our entire private label line, we work with the local farmers to grow, raise, package and deliver the finest quality ingredients for the baking industry.


Conventional Shelled Eggs

At Sunrise Food Service, we believe in quality, period. Supplying our private label quality eggs and egg products under the 52 Your Choice brand requires working hand in hand with leaders in animal welfare. We work with certified farmers whose husbandry practices conform to rigorous standards designed to provide a high standard of living for all laying hens.

Jumbo/Item Number 90002
XL/Item Number 90003
L/Item Number 90004
Medium/Item Number 90005


Organic Eggs

Our core mission is to bring ethically produced food to the table by working in partnership with environmentally responsible farmers from the heartland of our county. They operate with a well-defined set of organic agricultural principals. We find it rewarding to support sustainable family farming practices.

Organic egg production is the production of eggs through organic means.  In this process, hens are fed 100% vegetarian organic non-GMO diet from the beginning and are free to roam around on chemical-free soil without the use of pesticides.

Large/Item Number 90027
Medium/Item Number 90025


The Sun Yolk – Dark Yolk Eggs

An egg with deep, sunset-orange yolk is a thing of beauty.  These specialty eggs come from hens raised on a second-generation Southern California family farm, where the hens enjoy plenty of sunshine and are fed a 100% vegetarian, non-grain diet.

The feed is rich in carotenoids, the natural yellow-orange pigment found in fruits, vegetables, and flowers. No artificial color additives are found in the chicken feed, so our “Sun Yolk” eggs come by their rich color naturally.

Large/Item Number 91113


Pie/Pastry Filling

Fruit fillings are what makes your customers love pie and pastries.  Sunrise Food Service is committed to providing the finest pie and pastry fillings on the market today. We start with delicious, fresh seasonal fruit picked at the peak of its flavors and prepare them with a minimum of processing.  We want the fruit’s own flavors shine.  We offer a wide range of flavors and we have set extremely high standards for our finished products.