Sunrise – Now HACCP Certified

Sunrise Food Service recently underwent the preparation and third-party evaluation process to achieve Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or HACCP certification status. Sunrise passed with flying colors, demonstrating to all of our customers our commitment to producing and trading in safe food.

The HACCP audit focusses on the hazards that affect food safety and hygiene. HACCP certification is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. It is built around seven principles:

• Conduct Hazard Analysis of biological, chemical or physical food hazards
• Determine critical control points
• Establish critical control limits
• Establishes systems to monitor control critical control points
• Establishes corrective actions
• Establishes verification procedures
• Establish documentation and record keeping

We are very proud of this achievement and gratified by the safety measures we instituted and documented to gain the certification.

Website Refresh

Sunrise is excited to announce that we have restructured and rejuvenated our website to reflect our new marketing program, our HACCP certification and more. Of particular interest to our customer is our newly designed and populated featured promotions section. Here you will find products with special pricing, or with particular seasonal value. We also will be announcing promotions in our 52 Your Choice line and showcasing newly added products in our network. Finally, we have added some new photography so you can experience Sunrise and our team even if you have not been here in a while.

New Marketing Plan Will Benefit Customers and Vendors Alike

We launched the Sunrise: Reaching our Potential marketing plan in January 2019. This new program is designed to more deeply engage our most valued vendors so that the products they produce will be more visible to all of Sunrise customers. We are working closely with our vendors to give our customers more access to information about their current products and help them bring new products to market. As a customer, you will begin to see these featured products prominently displayed in our website. But you will also receive a quarterly newsletter, the Sunrise Sentinel, that will provide detailed product information and specials, but also industry trends, data and features. We urge you to keep an eye out
for the Sunrise Sentinel and other product promotions over the course of the next few weeks.