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Chocolate 101

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate comes in three main varieties: dark, milk, and white. Each type has its own distinct characteristics and uses.

Dark Chocolate is the purest form, made from chocolate liquor, extra cocoa butter, sugar, an emulsifier (often lecithin), and flavorings like vanilla. It may contain milk fat to soften its texture but lacks a milk flavor, often referred to as semi-sweet chocolate. Unsweetened chocolate, or baking chocolate, is 100% chocolate liquor and is very bitter.

Milk Chocolate includes all the components of dark chocolate but with added milk solids, which are usually dry milk solids rather than liquid milk. Milk chocolate is sweet and creamy and is the most common type of chocolate for eating.

White Chocolate focuses on cocoa butter rather than cocoa solids. It comprises cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids, lecithin, and vanilla. To be classified as white chocolate, it must contain at least 20% cocoa butter, 14% milk solids, and no more than 55% sugar.

The % cacao indicates how much of the chocolate is derived from the cocoa bean, including any added cocoa butter. The % cacao affects both the flavor and performance of the chocolate. Understanding the composition of the % cacao is crucial; for example, a 70% chocolate with no added cocoa butter will taste and behave differently from a 70% chocolate with added cocoa butter.

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Understanding these varieties helps in selecting the right chocolate for different baking needs. With Sunrise Food Service, you can be confident in finding the perfect chocolate for all your delicious creations.


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