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Baker’s Corner – Atalanta

Welcome to Baker’s Corner! This month, we spotlight one of our proud vendor partners of 2021, Atalanta.

Atalanta’s success in the food import industry began in 1945 importing Polish hams. Today, Atalanta Corporation imports thousands of unique items from across the globe! The expansion of their portfolio & customer base over the past 75 years parallels the growth of the market’s demand for quality & specialty imported foods. At Atalanta, they strive to be a part of every food experience & are proud to offer a diverse portfolio that is suitable for ANY need. Their range can help serve as a base for a multitude of sweet & savory dishes.

Sunrise Food Service carries a lineup of premium Atalanta products every master baker needs. Here are current featured products from Atalanta (click for additional product information):

Dark Chocolate Coating

A perfect alliance of tradition & technical skill, these chocolates can meet the needs of different bakery operations, whether it be for coating, molding, or creating ganache or mousse! Their couvertures are available in various percentages, origins, & blends, that are manufactured in Switzerland, France & Belgium.

Tart Shells & Ready-to-Serve Desserts

Save time & create stunning dessert pieces without the labor of baking. Atalanta offers the finest ready-to-serve confections by La Rose, made with impeccable care, astounding expertise & unparalleled quality for satisfying any sweet tooth.

Count on Sunrise to supply the baking solutions YOU need to succeed this holiday baking season!

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