Baker’s Corner

Baker’s Corner: Specific Gravity

Welcome to Baker’s Corner! This week, we cover an important factor in baking delicious cakes: specific gravity. The specific gravity of a batter is the ratio of the weight of cake batter in a standard volume container compared to the weight of water in the same container. This ratio is a way to measure the amount of air incorporated into the batter during the mixing process. Correct mixing times and temperatures will ensure that the batter’s specific gravity falls within the range specified on the bag instructions – which in turn will ensue a finished cake with consistent volume, texture

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Baker’s Corner: Batter Temperature

Welcome to Baker’s Corner! This week’s topic: Batter Temperature. Batter temperature is an essential part in forming delicious baked goodies. The batter temperature (as prescribed on the bag directions) is designed to yield the proper leavening activity during mixing and baking. Changes in batter temperature will have a significant effect on the aeration potential and leavening action of the batter. Warm batters will activate the leavening too early in the production process. This early activation will result in cakes with insufficient volume and a coarse grain. These cakes will also have a tendency to be very fragile and will crumble easily

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Baker’s Corner: Mixing Time

Welcome to Baker’s Corner! Sunrise Food Service is excited to introduce this new addition to our website. We plan to bring useful information about technical baking tips and strategies that will help produce delicious baked goods. This week, the topic is mixing time. Mixing time is a critical factor in forming cakes with superior texture and flavor. The goal of mixing cake batter is to incorporate and properly hydrate the ingredients while aerating the batter. As this goal is accomplished, the appearance of a cake batter will change during the multi-stage process. The batter will start as a stiff-paste in the

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