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Baker’s Corner: Batter Temperature

Welcome to Baker’s Corner! This week’s topic: Batter Temperature.

Batter temperature is an essential part in forming delicious baked goodies. The batter temperature (as prescribed on the bag directions) is designed to yield the proper leavening activity during mixing and baking. Changes in batter temperature will have a significant effect on the aeration potential and leavening action of the batter. Warm batters will activate the leavening too early in the production process. This early activation will result in cakes with insufficient volume and a coarse grain. These cakes will also have a tendency to be very fragile and will crumble easily when handled. Conversely, cool batters will delay the leavening action resulting in peaked and broken tops with a tough crumb.

This information comes from General Mills, one of our valued vendor partners. Please contact your Sunrise sales rep for details about our high-quality baking products – we will help you craft scrumptious cakes, cookies, and more!

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