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Baker’s Corner – Grupo la Florida

Welcome to Baker’s Corner! In this edition, we will detail a top seasonal item from one of our featured vendor partners, Grupo la Florida.

Few holidays demand the elaborate presentation and festive decor of Dia de Muertos, also known as “The Day of the Dead”. This traditional holiday – typically celebrated on November 1st and 2nd – focuses on honoring family and friends who have passed away. Dia de Muertos festivities tend to be full of joy and celebration, departing from other holidays that occur in the same time period (Halloween, All Saints’ Day). Since the holiday pays respect to the deceased, skeletons and skulls are incorporated into costumes, masks, and most importantly, delicious festive sweets.

A must-have addition for every Dia de Muertos celebration is the sugar skull. These colorful skulls are the perfect option to create festive holiday presentations that will catch the eye of every customer in late October. Grupo la Florida offers a variety of sugary skulls that will fit your every need as you prepare for Dia de Muertos in 2022. This includes small skulls (easy to place around different baked treats for a simple decorative enhancement) and large skulls (centerpiece items that can headline your tasteful presentation next November).

It’s never too early to begin planning for the seasonal specialties (new menu items, toppers, etc.) that will attract new customers and increase profits. Contact Sunrise today to learn more about our Grupo la Florida products that promise to provide the perfect festive touch for a tasteful Dia de Muertos celebration!

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