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Bay State Milling: A Trusted Family of Ingredients

Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake With Powdered Sugar Glaze

For 125 years, Bay State Milling’s purpose has been to provide food ingredients to promote the growth of nutritious, sustainable, and accessible food choices. This relentless pursuit of better has spanned five generations of family ownership and continues to evolve as our food system – and the way we eat – changes.

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Highest Quality Ingredients for Every Application

Their broad range of traditional and gluten-free flours, grains, seeds, mixes, and blends are responsibly sourced from their dedicated supplier and grower partners, expertly processed and milled to meet exacting specifications, shipped from their strategically located facilities, and seamlessly integrated into their customers’ operations – where they’re transformed into wholesome foods consumers love.

Sunrise Food Service takes pride in offering high-quality and diverse products to its valued customers, which is why we are delighted to carry these premium Bay State Milling ingredients:

Bay State Milling operates one of the largest and most sophisticated cinnamon supply chains in the United States. They source from the finest growing regions in Indonesia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, shipping directly to their mill in Woodland, California, where they produce cinnamon of the highest level of purity, volatile oil, and granulation consistency, all at a competitive price. Ground cinnamon is perfect for adding flavor to a variety of baked goods including cereals, muffins, and coffee cake. It has a delicate, fragrant aroma and a warm, sweet flavor.

Add a pop of nutrition, flavor, texture, and visual interest with Bay State’s Milling’s selection of gluten-free seeds, which adhere to their exceptional purity standards. Their sesame seeds are versatile and are ideal for topping or inclusion on baked goods like breads and bagels, while their poppy seeds provide a nutty flavor used for sweet and savory applications like muffins and crackers.

From reinventing existing products to developing new ones, their team of food and grain scientists, culinary experts, and nutritionists work collaboratively with their partners and customers from the field to the kitchen. With a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, Bay State Milling is a trusted partner for food industry professionals.


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