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Exploring the Versatility of Heavy Whipping Cream

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Heavy whipping cream is emerging as a star ingredient in the baking world, offering both versatility and indulgence to retail bakeries and food service operators. With its ability to enhance a wide range of recipes, heavy whipping cream brings richness and depth to sweet and savory dishes and desserts. 

Sunrise # P90286 ALTA DENA Cream, Heavy (Manufacturing) 6- ½ gal

Applications Beyond the Ordinary

Heavy whipping cream isn’t just for desserts. Its rich consistency and superior stability make it ideal for everything from savory soups to creamy pasta sauces. As chefs and bakers experiment with new recipes, heavy whipping cream is proving to be a versatile ingredient that knows no bounds in the kitchen.


Utilize ALTA DENA Heavy Whipping Cream for your bakery needs: 

Whipped Toppings

Whip heavy whipping cream with a touch of sugar and vanilla extract to create a luscious topping for pies, tarts, and desserts like trifles and parfaits.

Custards and Puddings

Heavy whipping cream adds richness and creaminess to custards and puddings, providing a smooth texture and luxurious mouthfeel. It’s perfect for classics like crème brûlée, rice pudding, and chocolate mousse.

Biscuits and Scones

Heavy whipping cream can replace traditional dairy ingredients like butter or milk in biscuit and scone recipes. It contributes to a tender and flaky texture while simplifying the preparation process.


Your Partner in Excellence

We understand the importance of quality ingredients, that’s why we’re proud to offer premium heavy whipping cream to our customers. With a focus on quality and consistency, we strive to provide products that exceed expectations and inspire culinary innovation.


Interested in exploring the possibilities of heavy whipping cream for your bakery or foodservice operation? Please click here to get more information about the 

ALTA DENA ½ gallon Heavy Whipping Cream


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