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General Mills – Bringing Good to the World

General Mills – Bringing Good to the World

General Mills brings good to the world. From their 100 worldwide brands and their commitment to food, people, and the planet they’ve made food with passion – having fun and staying true to their values along the way. Here are some examples of ways General Mills achieves this:

Food: They’re committed to putting people first by improving the variety, nutrient density, affordability, and accessibility of their products.

The Planet: Their mission is to support thriving farmer and communities while regenerating planetary health.

People: They bring together remarkable people, bonded over their love of food – people who are hungry for what’s next.

Community: Their service partnerships and employee engagement are anchored in advancing equity and building resilient communities.

As the holiday season is approaching, General Mills is the perfect place for finding all your holiday ingredients. With brands such as Betty Crocker and Pillsbury, you will be sure to find everything you need to make your holiday favorites. Even if you don’t feel like cooking, Pillsbury has easy homemade mashed potatoes, bean casserole and premade pumpkin pie that take the effort out of cooking delicious foods. Check out their wide selection on their websites and get cooking today!

At Sunrise Food Service, we are proud to provide General Mill’s flour for all our customers’ baking needs. All of General Mill’s products are high-quality and are perfect for any operation. Contact us to learn more about how you could use these items in your menus!

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