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Get an Egg Up on Your Competition!

Don’t your customers deserve the best?  Eggs that are beautiful, delicious, healthy and distinctive? In a truly “eggsclusive” offer, Sunrise Food Service is making our superior dark yolk eggs available to retail!

Our dark yolk eggs offer all of it – deep orange yolks; rich texture; and flavor described as “what eggs should taste like!” And their beauty is more than skin deep. Produced exclusively for Sunrise, dark yolk eggs come from hens raised by a second-generation egg farmer in the local foothills. Their dark rich color comes from a proprietary natural feed – feed that is completely vegetarian featuring seeds, grains and soybeans and none of the fish or animal by-products commonly used for commercially produced eggs.

If you don’t believe us, you should take a crack at tasting them yourself! Let us know and we’ll share a sample. Contact Sunrise at 323-264-8364 x 312 or text us at 323-894-7850.

Sunrise can also deliver reliable supplies of organic and conventional eggs to retail operations.

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