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Get Your Bakery Ready for the Holiday Season!

The holidays are one of the liveliest times of the year for bakeries. It is essential to keep in mind some tips for keeping your bakery operating smoothly while providing a fantastic experience to all those who come in. 

Professional Appearance

First appearances are important to tell your customers who you are. Having a clean and presentable bakery decorated for the holidays is a way to create a cozy atmosphere that will keep people coming back. Christmas trees, wreaths, bells, or any other decorations are perfect for sending the right message without cluttering the shop.

Consistent branding  

Branding goes a long way in boosting a customer’s feelings toward a product. Make sure all your branding and logos are consistent. Think of how you can put a personal touch on things like stickers sealing bags of fresh pastries or tidy aprons and uniforms that communicate a professional and quality bakery.

Diversify Holiday Offerings

Having a quality seasonal menu is a sure way to gain more customers during different holidays. However, make sure you offer separate specialties during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Make sure you note what your best-selling items are to keep in mind for the following year!

Keep Your Staff in the Holiday Spirit

Nothing can ruin a customer’s experience faster than poor or slow service. Ensuring your staff’s morale is high with things like adequate staffing during swells, words of encouragement and appreciation, or small gifts will go a long way in improving their holiday spirit to keep up with the busy season.

Be Active on Social Media

Ensure that your customer base and followers know all the unique things you are doing for the holidays! Don’t let your efforts go unnoticed — post lots of pictures of your shop, menu, and anything else that they will want to see.

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