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Grupo La Florida – Feeding the Passion for Creativity

Grupo La Florida

In 2010, three companies specializing in different areas merged to form what is Grupo La Florida Mexico today. One specialized in yeast production, another in jams and fillings and the last one in margarine. Today, Grupo La Florida is still feeding the passion of those who give life to great creations that delight millions of palates. They are also the market leader in the production and distribution of supplies for Baking and Pastries.

Grupo La Florida offers baking products like jams, butter, chocolates, cremes, raising agents, decorations and much more. All these products give bakers the luxury of creating art with their baking. Since they have a commitment with meeting the needs of their customers, these range of products are also great quality that your customers will love.

At Sunrise Food Service, we are proud to provide Grupo La Florida’s extensive baking product catalog for all our customers’ baking needs. All of Grupo La Florida’s products are high-quality and are perfect for any operation. Their customizable baking products are the perfect tools for making the best holiday pastries. Contact us to learn more about how you could use these items in your menus!

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