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Must-Try Refreshing Summertime Drinks!

With summer finally upon us, sit back and relax with an ice-cold drink in hand. Sunrise Food Service has the products you need to add warm-weather refreshments to your menu today! Please your customers on a hot summer day with these best loved drinks: 


Whether you’re inside or out by the pool, this simple mocktail is sure to satisfy customers looking to cool off with a delicate yet sweet taste of lemon, fresh mint, and all the fizziness of club soda – the perfect summer drink.


Originating from Mexico, rice horchata is a flavorful, creamy beverage ideal for customers with a sweet tooth. Made from ground rice, milk, cinnamon and a dash of vanilla extract, it’s grown to be a popular refreshment in America. 


Wanting a healthy beverage high in vitamin C on your menu? Spice up your ordinary lemonade with hibiscus tea! Garnish with a lemon slice and watch your customers quench their thirst with its delicious floral flavor


For those who enjoy a fruity kick, this one’s for you! This tangy and sweet summertime drink is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. With a main mixture of cranberry juice, orange juice, and lemonade, it’ll have your customers wanting more. 

Looking to add summer refreshments onto your menu? Check out Sunrise Food Service for more information!

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