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Our Quarterly Customer Newsletters

In each newsletter, we provide background on new and interesting resources that are available to our customers from Sunrise and its valued vendor partners. We look at trends, provide profiles on our vendor brands, examine business insights, and share exciting and innovative recipes applying ingredients available in our catalog.

In addition to these brief, readable articles, we feature a set of products from of our valued vendors.

We are certain you will find the information in both the articles and product features to be valuable. If there are any topics or products you’d like us to consider for future issues, please pass the information on to us through your sales representative.

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Bread Samples

2021 – Q3

  • Introducing 52 Your Choice Doughnut Artist Series
  • Sunrise Becomes the Preferred Distributor for Puratos in Southern California
  • General Mills – Making Lives Healthier, Easier and Richer

2021 – Q2

  • Supply Chain Disruptions Increasing
  • A Chocolate Craze Awaits this Spring!
  • Serving Sustainable Sweets
  • 6 Tasty Trends to Look Out for Through 2021

2021 – Q1

  • Regain YOUR Business in 2021 with These Baking Trends
  • Goodbye Sugary Sweet, Hello Fruity Fresh!
  • 2021 Holiday Baking Calendar – Print AND Digital!
  • Making Baking Organic

2020 – Q4

  • “Present” Your Customers with Sweet Surprises this Holiday Season
  • ‘Tis the Season for Elaborate Decorations
  • Just in Time! Your Solution for Creamy Holiday-Themed Treats
  • Baker’s Corner is Here!

2020 – Q3

  • BelGioioso Delivers Authentic Italian Culture in Every Bite
  • Sunrise Stands with Our Customers
  • Visit Our News: Sunrise News!
  • Sunrise Will Call Now Available

2020 – Q2

  • Adapt Your Business for Success during COVID-19
  • Take a Crack at Liquid Eggs in Your Next Recipe!
  • Bacon & Spinach Quiche Recipe
  • Broaden Your Offering with Consumer Grocery

2020 – Q1

  • Create Culinary Masterpieces with Mavalério
  • Organic Foods Can Increase YOUR Sales in 2020
  • Sunrise Adds Text to Its Communications Arsenal
  • Holiday Baking Calendar

2019 – Q4

  • General Mills -Where Innovation and Experience Blend
  • Important Ingredients for Holiday Baking
  • The Science of Mixing Time
  • Top Recipes for the Holiday Season

2019 – Q3

  • Kraft Heinz joins Sunrise Preferred Vendors
  • Smile and Say “Cheesecake” with Pourable Batter
  • PRO BAKER TIPS – When in Knead
  • HAACP UPDATE – Education: The Key to Safe Food Handling

2019 – Q2

  • Dark Yolk Eggs – You Can See and Taste the Difference!
  • Introducing Ventura Food’s Mindfully Made
  • Recipe: Cinnamon Twist Hearts
  • HAACP UPDATE – Keeping It Cool with Temperature Controls

2019 – Q1

  • 2019 Bakery Trends to Increase Sales
  • Why Butter Beats Margarine
  • Sunrise Food Service Achieves HAACP Certification
  • Sunrise Launches The Sunrise Sentinel
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