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Quick & Easy No-Bake Treats!

Bars, cakes, and bakery snacks are some of Americans’ favorite treats. These quick and easy no-bake sweets give both you and your customers a break! Here are some tasty recipes you can try this season to keep attracting customers:

Cocoa Truffles

Chocolate is one of the most brilliant ingredients around. These truffles are bite-sized, delicious, and can be easily decorated with sprinkles or drizzles!

Peanut Butter Bars

Who doesn’t love salty, nutty peanut butter? These bars are great warm or cold, particularly for those customers who need an energy boost for their busy day.

Lemon Meringue Pie

There’s nothing like sweet and tart to satisfy the tongue. Lemon meringue pie can be made in traditional slices or in smaller bars to keep your customers happy.


When you need the best in dry baking ingredients, Sunrise Food Service is ready to meet you halfway! Improve your menu with our service TODAY.

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