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Quick Turnaround DEAD-line for Día de Muertos Ingredients!

Don’t be caught dead without all the ingredients and holiday materials you will need for your customers’ favorite Día de Muerto treats – especially Pan de Muerto.  Day of the Dead honors loved ones who have passed away and traditions says that offerings – pan and decorated sugar skulls – should be set out on home “altars.”  Pan de Muerto, a delicious sweet bread, is a family favorite whether you are honoring your ancestors, making up for missed trick or treats, or just craving a yummy dessert. 

Of course, Sunrise has everything you will need.  But you NEED to order NOW: 

The Deadline is LOOMING: 

Orders must be in by High Noon on Thursday, August 20th!!!

Here is what you will need:

  • Euromix Butter Pan de Muerto Mix
    Item Number: 91758
    50 lb. bag
  • Euromix Chocolate Pan de Muerto Mix  
    Item Number: 91760
    50 lb. bag
  • Fantastic Pan de Muerto Presentation Box
    Item Number: 91957
    Spec: 9x9x4
  • Grupo Florida Sugar Skulls – Small
    Item Number: 91767
    108 count/case
  • Grupo Florida Sugar Skulls – Large
    Item Number: 91768
    50 count/case

Place your order before Noon on August 20th with your Sunrise Sales Rep; call us at 323.264.8364 or text us at 323.894.7850.

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