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Say Hello to 2024 with Sunrise Food Service!

Box Of Assorted Cookies

In 2024, Sunrise Food Service stands out as a go-to supplier for retail bakeries and foodservice operators embracing baking trends. With a focus on premium ingredients, we ensure access to high-quality components, catering to the demand for innovative and health-conscious offerings.

Health-Conscious Indulgence

Health-conscious indulgence takes center stage as consumers seek guilt-free treats. Expect a surge in demand for nutritious yet delicious options, such as gluten-free pastries, protein-infused bread, and plant-based desserts. Retail bakeries can leverage these trends by incorporating premium ingredients that align with health-conscious choices.

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Embrace Artisanal and Unique Flavors

Artisanal and specialty cookies are on the rise, featuring unique flavors such as Tahini, Taro and Ube. Tahini, traditionally associated with Middle Eastern cuisine, is making its way into mainstream applications like milkshakes, coffees, cookies, and pastries. Ube, known for its vibrant color, is anticipated to feature prominently in various formats, offering a delightful and visually appealing experience.

The Rise of Tangy Flavors

Expect to see the infusion of sour flavors in zesty cake glazes, plum-infused pastry fillings, and the creative use of pickled and fermented ingredients in innovative desserts. Beyond traditional lemon and balsamic, stand-out ingredients like calamansi, sour orange, plum, and pickled foods are introducing a new level of sourness.

With a commitment to quality and innovation, Sunrise Food Service empowers bakeries to stay ahead of the curve and create irresistible treats that captivate modern palates.


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