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The Benefits of Liquid Eggs!

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Bakeries are often understaffed and when orders start coming in, every minute is precious! It’s essential for restaurants & bakeries to optimize their kitchen while maintaining quality & taste. Liquid eggs are a great way to save time & storage while producing great-tasting baked goods. 

Using Liquid Eggs Saves Time & Money

Bakers often only need the egg white or yolk, but what happens to the rest of the egg? You can reduce waste & save time by buying eggs in liquid form so you’ll only have to use what is necessary. The shelf life of a fresh egg is around 28 days, while liquid chilled eggs can last up to 35+ days (if it consists of 100% egg) & up to 60+ days (if it uses preservatives). In addition, frozen liquid eggs can last up to 24 months!

Other benefits bakeries & restaurants should consider when using liquid eggs over shell eggs include:

  • Cleaner kitchen
  • Less labor 
  • Faster preparation
  • Reduce in waste
  • Increase in food safety
  • Better price for the quality rate


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