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Tips to Bake Scrumptious Muffins!

Who doesn’t love a perfectly baked muffin? They are an incredibly versatile item that can be enjoyed throughout the day – from a morning meal to an afternoon snack. Sweet and easy to hold, muffins typically include many of our favorite flavors: blueberry, banana, chocolate, and dozens more.

Muffins are not only popular for their delicious taste – texture plays a key role in quality. Your customers expect to enjoy a light, airy texture with perfectly baked, fluffy dough in every bite of a muffin. Consistently producing this type of delectable product requires strict adherence to a series of steps. Any mistakes in the process can lead to muffins with inadequate taste and texture that will fail to meet your customer’s expectations.

Here are five common problems for bakeries when producing muffins:

  1. Overmixing the batter before baking
  2. Failing to line or grease the pan
  3. Filling the muffin cup with too much batter
  4. Improper baking time
  5. Leaving muffins to cool in the pan

In addition to missteps in the baking process, poor ingredients make a major impact on the quality of muffins, cookies, cakes, and so on. Fresh ingredients will lead to a higher quality product, and in turn, happy customers.

Sunrise Food Service provides the solutions to improve all of your baked goods. Our focus has always been to provide the highest quality to assure customer satisfaction. Contact us today to see how we can assist your operation!

For more information about these baking tips, please visit kitchn.com.

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