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Bake Away with Sunrise Food Service

Shake up the morning coffee crowd with a new lineup of baked goods. From house-made doughnuts to pecan rolls & kitchen sink cookies, there is an endless array of sweet treats that perfectly complement a good cup of joe!

Doughnut Artist Series 

Your customers love a great doughnut as much as your bakers enjoy creating them. With our Doughnut Artist Series mixes, you can provide an expanding selection of breakfast delights ranging from red velvet cake doughnuts to french crullers & buttermilk bars.

Three Flavor Pie 

Why choose just one when you can indulge in a three-flavor pie featuring creamy banana, rich peanut butter, & decadent chocolate fillings. All three flavors are enveloped in crunchy cookie walls to make a delicious dessert that doesn’t compromise on flavor. Put your own twist on this novelty dessert pie with a wide selection of fillings available from Sunrise Food Service.

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Puff Pastry Danishes 

Add some variety to your pastry offering with these easy puff pastry danishes paired with a variety of filling flavors like apple, blueberry, & chocolate. While this variety is a cheat, they taste amazing & take a fraction of the time compared to their traditional counterparts. Best of all, you can get the puff pastry dough & fillings from us!

There is something satisfying about pairing sweet, sugary delights with a bold cup of house coffee. Your morning regulars will love new ways to start their days with baked goods.


Sunrise Food Service has 20 years of customer-focused experience in providing the ingredients that you need to keep baking delicious treats and keep your kitchen in business. Browse our full catalog TODAY.

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