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National Bakery Day Is Just Around the Corner

A whole day dedicated to whipping up your favorite sweet treats is coming up on September 17th. Historically, this holiday always falls in September, & this year you may want to set aside some time & pull out the recipe book!

What It’s All About 

A day meant to spread a little kindness by baking a cake & giving it to someone else has caught on like wildfire & is now a national holiday that gets people in the kitchen! Try these AMAZING ideas for delectable baked goods this year.

Lemon Lava Cakes 

The surprising crisp burst of lemon draws a BIG crowd – these lemon lava cakes are a fun way to celebrate the occasion. The decadent lemon filling & fluffy, whipped meringue topping make these little cakes buttoned-up delights!

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Pecan Brittle Coffee Cake 

Classic coffee cake gets a crunchy twist with delightful pecan brittle. We can’t think of a better afternoon treat than pairing this sweet, moist cake with a fresh-brewed cup of rich, dark coffee. There’s  something about pairing sweets & caffeine that is very satisfying.

Use National Bakery Day as a good excuse to whip up something sweet and share it with those around you. A lot of things have changed in the last year & a half, but comforting others with food is still something you can rely on.


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