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Baker’s Corner: Calibrate Your Oven for Consistent Baking Temperatures

Welcome to Baker’s Corner – exclusive technical baking tips promised to improve the taste and texture of YOUR baked goodies! This week’s edition details how to optimize baking temperatures and times:

Oven temperatures that are too high will tend to burn your product externally while leaving the interior raw or under-baked. This can result in gumminess or collapsing of the finished product. Oven temperatures that are too low will cause the product to dry out, resulting in a shorter shelf life of the finished based product. To remedy these common issues, make sure you check your oven temperatures and have your ovens calibrated about once every year. Also, pay special attention to the manufacturer’s recommended bake times and temperatures, and you’ll produce high quality baked goods your customers will return for again and again.

Sunrise carries all the essential ingredients you need to bake the best cakes, cookies, and muffins in town! Contact our team today for product information and more useful tips.

Information courtesy of our valued vendor partner, General Mills.

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