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Baker’s Corner: Ingredient Weight

Welcome to Baker’s Corner! This week, we detail the importance of ingredient weight in your baking.

No two people measure ingredients the same way, which makes weighing ingredients the best way to achieve consistent results. Measuring by volume (i.e. cups, scoops, etc.) leaves room for error and inaccuracies. For example, one person may measure a specific ingredient by over-filling a cup while another person may level the cup with a spatula. Measuring liquids accurately requires you to look at the measuring vessel at eye level.

Weighing all ingredients, including water, is the most accurate method of producing consistent finished baked products on a daily basis. No matter if you use pounds and ounces or kilos and grams, weighing your ingredients will always be more accurate than using measuring cups and teaspoons.

Quality ingredients are another vital key to baking quality goodies that keep customers coming back, and Sunrise is your partner for all of the essentials. Contact our team to inquire about all of our delicious products that will improve your baked goods!

This information comes courtesy of our valued vendor partner, General Mills.

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