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Baker’s Corner February 2021 – General Mills

Welcome to Baker’s Corner! This month, we spotlight one of our featured vendor partners, General Mills. An industry-leading pioneer in baking solutions, General Mills provides bakers all around the country with the high-quality ingredients needed for delicious baked goods.

Pillsbury, a top brand for General Mills, offers versatile creme cake mixes and bases that allow you to create a multitude of moist, delicious, super-rich specialties from one easy mix. Sunrise Food Service is offering a tasty lineup of Pillsbury Cake Mixes as featured products in Q1 of 2021. Here are current featured products from General Mills (click for additional product information):

This edition of Baker’s Corner highlights the classic Crème Cake Mix, which is ideal for suspending fruits, nuts, and other particulates. Here are baking guidelines to follow when using Pillsbury’s delicious Crème Cake Mix:

Baking Tips & Tricks

•Touch top of cake to check bake.
•Remove from oven when the top is resilient to the touch and springs back.
•Cool at least 5-10 minutes before de-panning.
•When adding fruit to the batter, be sure to bake completely out. Adding any additional moisture to the batter requires longer bake times.
•When making muffins from crème cake base, be sure to garnish with sugar, streusel, nuts or etc. to prevent capping.
•If product is baked in a rack oven or convection oven, a reduction in oven temperature and/or bake time may be necessary for optimum performance.


•Glaze the crème cake while still hot for optimal glaze performance.


•All creme cakes can be garnished with a variety of toppings including streusel, sugar, nuts, chips, cinnamon sugar, cinnamon streusel, etc.
•They can also be iced to upscale the appearance.
Following these steps will go a long way in delighting your customers with the tastiest cakes in town. Whether it’s a classic creme cake, a darker devil’s food innovation, or something in between, your bakery can count on General Mills for the perfect cake mix that promises to sweeten the menu this February!
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