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Celebrate Peach Pie Day and Offer Baked Goods for Back-to-School!

Sunrise Peach Pie

Peach pie is delicious year-round, but it’s especially tasty on Peach Pie Day, which falls on August 24h.

Sunrise Food Service can help you celebrate this delicious fruit with all of the baking ingredients for Peach Pie Day. Read on to learn more.

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Celebrate Peach Pie Day

While the origins of Peach Pie Day aren’t exactly known, we do know that the best way to celebrate is with a peach-filled dessert. Whether you’re planning on making a classic peach pie or some other peachy treat, Sunrise Food Service can help you out.

Sunrise Food Service offers all of the staple ingredients you need to make peach desserts, including eggs, butter, peach filling, flour, baking soda, and more. You can use these ingredients to make traditional peach pies for your school community. Or, you can make school-themed cakes or cupcakes.

Click here to order your peach pie ingredients from Sunrise Food Service!

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