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FANG-tastic Desserts for Halloween

Halloween is one of the MOST beloved holidays in the country. In fact, 82% of households with kids plan to celebrate Halloween, but it’s more than just carving pumpkins & trick-or-treating. Halloween is also a prime time for super spooky sweets! Read on to learn how your business can prepare for this holiday with delicious delights:

SPOOKtacular Sweets

To bring in more business, we suggest offering some Halloween-inspired desserts. Some of the best Halloween-inspired desserts include pumpkin frosting cookies, candy corn chocolate chip cookies, ghost cookies, & mummy cookies. It’s a perfect time to also incorporate pumpkin-flavored desserts into your Halloween sweet menu. Whether you run a grocery store or restaurant, you want to make sure you have all the basics to make your Halloween desserts, including eggs, milk, butter, sugar, & flour!



Cure your customers’ sweet tooth with some fresh dessert additions. Reach out to Sunrise Food Service today to stock up your menu and start crafting your next holiday classics!

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