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Stock Up on Essential Baking Ingredients

Fall is here, which means it’s the perfect time to stock up on essential baking ingredients. Whether you plan to make cookies, cakes, or pies this fall, there are some ingredients that you NEED to have at your disposal. Read on to learn about the most essential baking ingredients to stock up on!

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EGGS: There are all kinds of desserts that require eggs, from custard to creme brûlée & profiteroles. Eggs help to provide structure, richness, color, & flavor to desserts, so you’ll definitely want to stock up on a dozen or more!

BUTTER: Butter is another essential ingredient in baking that you need for almost EVERY recipe. Butter helps pack in flavor & texture, & almost no dessert is complete without it.

FLOUR: While flour isn’t a necessary ingredient in every dessert, you’ll definitely need it for your cakes, cookies, pies, & pastries.


If you’re wondering where to stock up on these ingredients, check out Sunrise Foods Service. We offer quality ingredients to create delicious & flavorful desserts that you can add to your menu!


View our Baker’s Corner to learn more about creating the perfect desserts for your menu!

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