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FUN With Food Coloring

Food coloring is a simple way to add some FUN to your desserts. Adding food coloring to your treats, doughs, and other dishes can really add return value for only pennies.

Colorful toppings can entice your customers to buy more varieties while making desserts even more fun than ever! Customers eat with their eyes first, so adding bright, bold colors can make every day a special occasion.

Having high-quality food coloring is vital for stabilizing your treats and holding the bright, bold colors, even under bright shop lights. Quality food coloring also reduces the odd aftertaste that some other dyes have. Because colors are an important part of our sensory enjoyment, adding color can mentally alter customer’s perspectives of their food. Having appetizing colors makes your food more appealing and can easily increase ROI.

tips for baking with food coloring:

  • ALWAYS start with small amounts of food coloring
  • Baked goods will often darken throughout the baking process
  • Different types of food coloring can give you very different results
  • Each type of food coloring is best incorporated in different ways!


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