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Welcome the New Year with Sunrise!

The new year is always a time for celebration, gatherings, and good feelings! As your customers are preparing for the new year, consider the broad range of food service items from Sunrise Food Service. While our product line includes traditional frozen and packaged items, we focus our attention on fresh foods and products for bakeries. We want our customers to have the highest quality ingredients to make the best baked goods and create menus that their customers will love!

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From our product line, here are a few popular desserts and entrees for your customers to welcome in the new year:

  • We carry all of the ingredients you’ll need to make the tastiest treats for desserts, from pre-made dough for various baked goods, including puffed pastry, croissants, and turnovers, to canned and dried fruit. We also have nuts, ice cream, icing/glaze, and fillings.
  • If you prefer to bake from scratch for your customers, we have everything from flour and eggs to butter and chocolate.
  • Entrees may include baking mixes, cheeses, fresh vegetables, and meat. You can create delicious meat pies, pasta and rice dishes, and yummy quiches.


Enjoy the new year with Sunrise Food Service! Check out our broad selection of high-quality food service products HERE

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