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Happy National Apple Turnover Day!

We, Sunrise Food Service, wish you a happy National Apple Turnover Day this July 5th! Whether your customers are on the go or in need of something sweet, apple turnovers make a great addition to your flavorful dessert menu. 

Turnovers are a type of pastry made with fillings (such as apple) in pieces of dough that are folded over, sealed and baked or fried. Also called hand pies, apple turnovers are ideal as a breakfast or dessert option. Other fillings include meat, vegetables, chocolate, blueberry, cheese or any other filling your heart desires. With a variety of fillings, you can celebrate turnovers all year round! 



Research suggests that this flaky filled pastry was first served in the 19th century. Ancient cultures made portable pies (turnovers) that could easily be carried on the hand. Today, the most popular turnover fillings are apple and cherry. The best way to enjoy National Apple Turnover Day is to make fresh, warm apple turnovers to satisfy your customers’ sweet tooth!


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