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Have a Sweet Time on National Pecan Pie Day with Sunrise!

Every year on July 12th, we celebrate National Pecan Pie Day – a holiday everyone can support because Americans declared pie their FAVORITE dessert. Celebrate the right way with these different types of pecan pies!



Pecan pie has always had cloudiness around its origins. Some claim that it was around as early as the 1700s, while others believe the first documented recipe was in 1886. No one knows precisely when National Pecan Pie Day was established, but a day was most likely designated for it as its popularity grew over the years.


In honor of National Pecan Pie Day, here’s a list of different types of pecan pies you can add to your summer menu for your customers to enjoy:

  • Salted bourbon pecan pie
  • Graham cracker crust pecan pie
  • Chocolate pecan pie
  • Banana caramel pecan pie
  • Pecan pie cinnamon swirls
  • Oatmeal pecan pie
  • Sweet potato pecan pie
  • Pecan pie cheesecake


In celebration of National Pecan Pie Day, make sure your bakery has the proper ingredients to deliver quality pecan pies to your customers.

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