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How Bakers Can Successfully Navigate COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it more difficult for bakeries to continue serving their valued customers sweet treats. Bakers have been forced to update on the fly and adapt to keep their business open and thriving. This includes meeting their customers in new channels (online ordering, delivery, carry-out), updating safety guidelines, and so much more.

The American Bakers Association released the following tips that will help bakeries fight the pandemic:

1. Update Your Crisis Management Plan

An updated crisis management plan will help prepare your bakery for any potential health problem that arises. Important topics to keep in mind are:

  • Establishing a safe work environment
  • Setting communication priorities
  • Best practices to reduce risk for employees and customers

2. Enhance Your Company Messaging

Communication during difficult times is essential. Bakeries that establish routines to reach their customers and suppliers will have an easier time relaying health updates, new guidelines, and changes within their business.

3. Educate Employees about Key Health Protocols

It is more important than ever to adhere to strict safety guidelines. Focusing on the following topics will prioritize the health of your customers and employees as you serve delicious baked goods:

  • Demand a High Level of General Hygiene
  • Constant Handwashing
  • Consistent Sanitation Measures
  • Social Distancing
  • Use of a Face Covering

Sunrise Food Service offers the ingredients you need for scrumptious baked goodies that will have your customers smiling. Contact our team today for more details on how we can help and support your business.

For more information about these tips, please visit American Bakers Association.

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