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Say Goodbye to Summer with These Tasty Treats

Summer is almost gone, but your menu still has a few weeks left to bring customers in! Even in the pandemic, the food and beverage industry has a high demand to keep up with. How do you attract customers with so much competition?

With these tasty and refreshing dessert ideas, you won’t have to worry about keeping people’s attention!


Healthy and Refreshing Yogurt Parfaits

Sweet, healthy, and able to be customized in a hundred different ways: yogurt parfaits are the perfect complement to summer. You can also turn them into tiny tarts for the on-the-go crowd.

“Did you know yogurt is chock full of probiotics, an essential part of a healthy stomach and digestive system? The amazing health benefits of yogurt are widely known, making them a perfect snack or dessert.”

Mascarpone Desserts

Served cold and silky, this will get people’s mouths watering before they’ve even finished dinner! Consider serving these in small cups or thin slices so customers won’t worry about their waistline.

Classic Cookies

Sometimes customers just want a simple cookie to take home with them. Grant their wish with classic chocolate chips or snicker-doodles.



Go out with a BANG. Contact Sunrise Food Service today and get all the ingredients you need for your upcoming dessert and summer snack extravaganzas!

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