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The Ultimate Cream Cheese Guide

Cream cheese is an under-appreciated ingredient. Not only is it commonly used as a spread, but it can also be added to a variety of savory AND sweet dishes! With its many flavors, there is massive potential for this ingredient. Here are a few ideas of how you can add cream cheese to your current menu:

    • Crepe filling (yum!)
    • Pastry dough
    • Omelets
    • Mac & Cheese 
    • Cupcake frosting 
    • + so much more

Cream cheese can be easily mixed into prepped filling for easy serving & is also a great addition to bagels, english muffins or other baked goods! While it does need refrigeration, don’t let that stop you from creating creamy & delicious dishes.

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Are you ready to add some creaminess to your menu? Sunrise Food Service has over 20 years of experience delivering delicious supplies to your restaurant.

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