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The Kraft Heinz Company – Trusted Brands Bakers Can Count On

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Welcome to Baker’s Corner!

We are proud to include The Kraft Heinz Company, a trusted brand among bakers everywhere, as a vendor partner in 2022.

James L. Kraft and Henry J. Heinz each got their start by creating and selling a single product. For Kraft, it was cheese from the back of a cart. For Heinz, it was freshly grated horseradish in a clear jar. The men didn’t grow up together, but America grew up with the foods they made. The 2015 merger of Kraft Foods Group and H.J. Heinz Co. formed one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies. It unified two beloved companies and their brands.

The Kraft Heinz Company manufactures and markets food and beverage products across the globe, including condiments and sauces, cheese and dairy, meals, meats, refreshment beverages, coffee, and other grocery products. They have over 200 prominent brands that are trusted among chefs, bakers, and consumers around the globe.

Co-headquartered in Chicago, IL and Pittsburgh, PA, The Kraft Heinz Company is a globally trusted producer of high-quality, great-tasting, nutritious foods for all occasions.

At Sunrise, we feature one of their top products to produce delicious baked goods…the Cheezkake Blend.

Cheezkake Blend, Cream Cheese, #90909, CASE, 1/30#

The Cheezkake Blend is a versatile solution used as a cream cheese replacement in your favorite recipes, from a traditional graham cracker crust cheesecake to a seasonal pumpkin cheesecake. It provides the rich, creamy texture of cream cheese at a fraction of the price, helping reduce your food cost.

Contact our team to order this staple ingredient today!

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