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Three Important Keys for Bakeries Throughout COVID-19

Customer demands are changing weekly with the current restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are three tips to help your bakery thrive during these uncertain times:

  1. Optimize In-Store Management

Rearranging your traditional hours to allow extra time for new hygiene measures and ensuring your team’s safety is vital. Also, look at your recent orders and analyze how your customers’ purchasing trends have changed since the outbreak. Your team can take action on these trends, such as highlighting and promoting the most popular menu items.

  1. Maximize the Efficiency of Your Pick-up and Delivery

Offer customers the ability to pick-up orders at their convenience or have them delivered straight to their front door. Online ordering allows customers to order 24/7, which makes it easier to manage and deliver on higher customer demand.

  1. Open and Honest Communication

Being open and honest with your customers during this time is crucial. Operators can do this by focusing on the factors that customers care about right now: sanitation and convenience. Engage with your customers on social media to keep them informed. Try to think out of the box on ways to best adapt your services.

Please contact our team to learn how Sunrise can help during this trying time. For more information, read on at Puratos.com.

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