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Tips to Succeed through the COVID-19 Pandemic

The past year saw all types of businesses take a financial hit, which immediately forced thousands of operators to embrace new trends or close their doors. Here are helpful ideas for bakeries and cafes to succeed through the pandemic.

Online Ordering

Offering no-contact online ordering is a great way to make customers feel safe during the pandemic while also allowing them to enjoy your fresh, quality goods. The pandemic has resulted in many consumers feeling more comfortable ordering their treats digitally compared to in-person.

Easy, Convenient To-Go Options

Having safe to-go options ready and waiting for people looking to get in and out is one way that bakeries can continue to sustain profits. Adding in high-quality to-go, “non-food” packaging is also a plus.

Proper Safety Protocol for Employees

Ensuring that all employees are taking the necessary safety precautions will encourage your customers to come back during the pandemic. Supplying your staff with the proper protective gear is more critical now than ever.

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