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Your Guide to a Successful and Scrumptious Spring

Over the past year, a global pandemic has forced a change in all aspects of the restaurant industry. Some of that change came easy, and some were much more difficult. The effects of the pandemic are still shaping your restaurant business. As we head into spring, here is what to focus on:

Continued Investment in Outdoor/Patio Seating Areas

Outdoor seating has proven to be a good compromise between traditional dine-in service and safe distancing. Colder weather may have temporarily closed down patios, but as temperatures rise, your guests will return. Put your money into expanding or updating your outdoor seating options instead of renovating indoor dining spaces.

Online Ordering

Go high-tech and contact-free with an online ordering system. The demands of pandemic-era restaurant service take a toll on your waitstaff. With an online ordering system, you can alleviate that burden while offering your customers a little more space.

Quick, Convenient Pickup

To-go orders have become a popular choice. Curbside pickup is now a standard offering across most of the restaurant industry. By now, you shouldn’t be stumbling around trying to figure it out. Quick, convenient pickup options are more than just a way to stay contact-free–they are here to stay. Designate some parking spots and get an app and embrace this change!

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Continuing to Engage with Customers on Digital Channels

Like it or not — your customers prefer contactless methods. Give them more of what they want by engaging with them on social media channels instead of face-to-face. Most are not dining in, and even when they do, they don’t want frequent disruptions from your waitstaff or management. It is time to update your website, launch a mobile app, or get active on social media to hear what they have to say!

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