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Warm Pies to Satisfy!

No Thanksgiving is complete without a generous slice of pie! Pie is the perfect dessert to round out a savory meal. But, there are so many different pie flavors to choose from. Which pies are the best for Thanksgiving? Read on to learn about the top flavorful Thanksgiving pies guaranteed to satisfy! 

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Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin pie is a NECESSITY on Thanksgiving. To elevate your pumpkin pie, you can serve it with some fresh-made whipped cream or with a graham cracker crust. We recommend making the pumpkin pie with fresh pumpkins instead of canned pumpkins, as this will bring the flavor to the next level!

Peach Pie: Peach works great in a variety of desserts, including peach cobbler, peach tarts, & peach cake. It also works great in pies! We recommend serving peach pie with a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream. It also goes great with a drizzle of butterscotch sauce.

Pecan Pie: Rich in flavor, pecan pie can elevate Thanksgiving meals. To elevate your pecan pie, you can turn it into a bourbon bacon pecan pie!


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