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Essential French Pastries for Every Bakery

Here is a quick guide to the essential french pastries that any bakery needs to have.

Croissants are a layered, flaky, French pastry. The shape in which they curl this delicate item is where its namesake comes from. The texture of these is chewy and decadent while still being a light and cloud-like puff pastry.

Baguettes are a staple french bread. These crusty loaves are made of flour, water, yeast, and salt. Different bakers each have their own ratios, making this simple yet delicious loaf a must-have. 

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Madeleines are sometimes called petite madeleine. These small sponge cakes have a distinctive shell-like shape from the specific pan they are baked in. They are lighter treats that utilize a genoise cake batter, and the traditional recipe includes finely ground nuts.

French Macaron is an almond-flavored sweet meringue-based confection that can sometimes take days to make. The key to a good Macaron is giving them the proper time to dry so that a “foot” is formed. Macarons are made from almond meal, egg whites, and sugar. The typical filling is ganache, buttercream, or jam. 

Kouign-Amann is a cake that has been considered the “fattiest pastry in all of Europe.” These round puff-pastry cakes’ strict recipe requires a ratio of 40% dough, 30% butter, and 30% sugar

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