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Best Practices to Improve YOUR Baking in 2021!

Do you want to improve your baking in 2021? You’re in luck; we’ve put together these five quick tips that are easy to follow and will always result in a better batter!

  • Follow the recipe:

This is the single most important tip for baking: always follow the recipe, from preheating notes to the temperature of ingredients like butter and eggs.

  • Calibrate your oven:

Your oven might not actually heat to the temperature you set it at, and your recipe won’t turn out right if you’re not baking at the correct temp.

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  • Measure your ingredients:

You should measure your baking ingredients, specifically flour, by weight rather than volume measurements. Speaking of flour…

  • Always sift flour:

If your flour says it’s pre-sifted, sift it anyway; this separates clumps and results in a smoother finished product.

  • Don’t over-mix:

Doughs or batters that contain flour become firm and elastic when over-mixed; the recipe you use should offer guidance on how much and how long to mix the dough.

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