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Rosca de Reyes (Kings’ Day Bread)

Rosca de Reyes is the special pastry that millions of people celebrate Three Kings’ Day with—it’s a unique Mexican tradition that EVERYONE can enjoy.

Three Kings’ Day officially ends the holiday season in Latin America and Mexico, and Rosca De Reyes is a delicious part of the celebration. It’s also paired with Mexican hot chocolate—yum!

Most families don’t bake their own Rosa de Reyes; the holiday is an especially busy time for bakeries. Many families will place orders for their Kings’ Day bread not only to eat at home with the family but also to bring in to the office and their children’s schools.

Inside the bread, you’ll find a small plastic doll that represents baby Jesus, and per tradition, whoever gets the slice containing the doll must cook the family tamales on Candelaria Day (February 2nd).

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Rosca de Reyes is a sweet bread with many variations in flavor. The classic Kings’ Day bread is made with orange zest, giving it a slight citrus flavor. It’s also typically decorated with candied cherries, citrus fruit, and a quince paste known as “ate.”


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