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Sweeten the Menu with Fruity Pastries!

If you don’t already have fruit-filled pastries on your menu, you are missing out. Offering a variety of fruity flavors can entice customers to indulge in their favorite sweet.

Adding fruit fillings to your baked goods and pastries brings a bright, fresh flavor to your existing menu. These are great options for a midday pick-me-up, especially when enjoyed with a cup of coffee. These fresh and flavorful treats are a perfect upsell.

Customers love being able to combine their favorite fruits with warm croissants. Other baked goods can offer a soft texture to pair with the lightly sweetened fruit. They make for a delicious breakfast treat. A warm, flaky pastry dough pairs perfectly with any fruit filling. Some of the most popular flavors are berries and cream, apples and cinnamon, and cherry

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Using the highest quality fruit fillings is a convenient and effective way to offer customers a naturally sweet delicacy. Fresh ingredients that make up the fruit fillings from Sunrise help maintain the quality that your customers want.

Looking for the highest-quality fruit fillings to add delicious fruit pastries to your menu? Sunrise Food Service has all the flavors you need to offer these yummy treats to your valued customers!

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