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Top Easter Sweets for Your Bakery!

Easter is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for bakeries to spruce up their shops with colorful decorations and a selection of quality Easter-themed baked goods. Here are some ideas that bakeries can put into place this Easter.

Pastel Store Decorations

The use of pastel colors for in-store decorations will give off the calming feelings that come with early springtime and fresh flowers. Paper chains, flowers, posters, and more can all be used to help bring people into your bakery and give them a feeling of springtime cheer.

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Floral Designed Baked Goods

Incorporate some unique floral designs into your baked goods to get customers excited for the new spring season. Try out a bunch of different flower designs to see which you and your customers like best.

Easter Egg and Bunny Cookie Designs

Customers appreciate a bit of whimsey, especially when it comes to some sweet Easter treats, so consider incorporating some egg and bunny designs and shapes into your selection of baked goods. Egg-shaped cookies with colorful bunny and Easter egg decals are sure to please customers, especially the kids.

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